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There is now a phone number for the Library - it is 273-9175, ext. 106

The long awaited Timberland Regional Library kiosk is now operational at the Rochester Community Library.  This kiosk is connected to the Timberland Regional Library's main computer, giving Rochester residents access to many of the library's features.  A "Grand Opening" ceremony was held February 23rd from 4:00 to 6:00 PM.  Notices of the Grand Opening were mailed to all addresses in the Rochester area. 

Here is a view of the Kiosk and some of its benefits.   Materials can be "borrowed' from the library by requesting their delivery to the Rochester Community Center.  There is also be a "return" receptacle at the Rochester Community Center where you can deposit those borrowed materials when you are finished with them. 

New 09/26/07
Due to the limited number of volunteers the library will be open only during the following hours.
Remember it takes volunteers to keep the Rochester Library open!

New Library hours will be from:
3:00 to 7:00 PM Monday

10:00 AM to Noon Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
3:00 to 5:00 PM Tuesday thru Friday

Updated 02/11/07  There are five computers which are available for use during regular Library hours.

Volunteers are needed to staff this addition to the Rochester Community Center!
(This library is staffed only with local volunteers!)
Please consider volunteering for a two-hour session once or twice a week
For more information on how to become involved click here or call 273-9175

New 03/06/06  Donations of good condition books, Video (VHS) Tapes, CD's, and DVD's are now being accepted.  You may deliver them to a librarian during regular hours at the library .   These donated materials will not become part of the Timberland Regional Library inventory.  They will remain in our Rochester Library for the use of local residents.

From the kiosk you can do these things.

Access the Timberland Regional Library to do the following:


Search their Library catalog


Search their Magazine & Newspaper catalog


Use their "Ask a Librarian" service


Place a "hold" on a book you want


Request delivery of a book to the Rochester Community Library


Check on status of books you have placed on hold

When the books you have ordered are delivered to the Rochester Community Library you can check them out at this station.  There is a touch-screen display with a bar code scanner at the bottom left of the photo, a printer at the right.  You may enter your library card number either through the screen or scanner.  Your pin # then must be entered on the screen.  After you have scanned the book bar code, the printer will print out a ticket with the book name, due date, and other information for you.

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