About the Rochester Grand Mound Visitor & Volunteer Center

The Rochester Grand Mound Visitor & Volunteer Coordination Center is still in the planning stage with implemntation expected within the next several months.  Applications for volunteering are being accepted now to develop the database necessary to make this function correctly.

Its purpose is to provide information about our community, its needs and the opportunities for volunteering.  The center is being sponsored by the Rochester Grand Mound Horizons Group.  Space for the center is being provided by DreamWeavers.

Rochester Grand Mound Visitor Center

The misssion of the Visitor Center is to provide visitors and those new to the community the information they need to make their time here more complete.

This will  be accomplished by providing information about local businesses, recreational opportunities and other community attractions.

The Visitor Center will be staffed by volunteers who are knolwdgeable about the local business and recreational opportunities available in our community.



Bill Liddle
July 20, 2012

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