Special Announcements

These special notices will announce new services, programs, or issues of concern to local residents.  Most of them will be announcements about short-term community concerns and will be removed when the situation has passed.

The new sign visible from Hwy 12 at the Rochester Community Center

New 03-15-08  http://supportrochesterschools.info/   A website has been established for the support of the Rochester School system.  It contains information about the Rochester School District levy election April 22, 2008.  Go to: http://supportrochesterschools.info/  to look at the website to learn why the levy is so important to all the residents of Rochester.  Please carefully read the information and then vote when your ballot arrives in the mail.  It is not only your privilege but also your responsibility to cast an educated vote.

New 03-11-08  Danielle Bricker has written a letter to the citizens of Rochester   She has very clearly pointed out the fact there is a community crisis here in Rochester.  Please take the time to read her letter.  click here to view the entire letter.

New 03-10-08  Neighbor Helping Neighbor Flood Aid Program   The Adna and Doty Flood Relief Centers are seeking organizations to participate in their Neighbor Helping Neighbor Programs, which match support groups with individual families whose homes were damaged in the Chehalis River flood.   Click here to view the entire poster.

New 03-02-08  Survey on Rochester Weed and Seed Community Impact   The Rochester Weed and Seed Initiative was established in 2002 and got up and running in 2003. This survey is part of an evaluation of the impact that the Weed and Seed Initiative has had on the Rochester Community.   

Your opinion of the Weed and Seed Initiative and of community conditions over the past five years will be very helpful in wrapping up this project and planning for the future. This survey has seven questions, and most people will be able to complete it in under five minutes.  You can view and complete the survey by going to this website: 

In thanks for your participation in this brief survey, if you provide your email address, you will be entered in a random drawing of all survey respondents for a gift basket.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact the evaluator for the Weed and Seed Initiative, Sylvie McGee, at: goodcause@comcast.net or 360-705-1233.
Thank You!"

New 01-21-08  ROC YOUTH BASEBALL Cal Ripken 2008 SEASON   ROC YOUTH BASEBALL Cal Ripken 2008 SEASON  with hold SIGN-UPS for local youth  players ages 9-12 or teams in Rochester, Oakville, Centralia, & Tenino  January 25th and 26th at Figaro's Pizza in Grand Mound @ exit 88 5pm-7:30pm Individual players or complete teams.  Parents: Cal Ripken baseball  requires all coaches to be certified. This assures that your child's coach has received training in proper coaching of fundamental baseball skills for more info: rocyouthbaseball@yahoo.com or League Organizer 360 273 2915 or website at


New 01-07-08  South Sound Pony Baseball   South Sound PONY Baseball Accepting Registrations for Players Ages 4-16 from the Rochester area.  All local children may participate.  Interested coaches and parents please feel free to contact the local director, RT Bensen, Yelm/South County Area District Director--South Sound PONY Baseball 360/561-3816 or RainierDodgers@comcast.net      For additional information go to: http://yelmpony.blogspot.com/  and  www.southsoundbaseball.com

New 12-12-07  Together! Job Opportunity   TOGETHER! has a Job Opportunity as CAPACITY Program Manager (Outreach Coordinator)  Please click here to view the entire announcement.
Agency Profile: 
TOGETHER! is a non-profit agency working to prevent youth violence and substance abuse through awareness, advocacy, and action to support youth and families. This goal is pursued in several ways, including youth development programs, community mobilization and community coalition support, substance abuse prevention, education, awareness and advocacy efforts, community collaboration, and facilitating the use of research-based programs.
Role:  The CAPACITY (Community Action Partners Acquiring Capacity to Invest in Thurston Youth) Project is designed to provide training and technical assistance to local agencies, faith-based organizations, and community coalitions that address issues of youth violence, child abuse and neglect, and the needs of youth in distressed communities.  The four topic areas for capacity building include: 1) Leadership Development, 2) Organizational Development, 3) Program Development, and 4) Community Engagement.  The primary function of the Program Manager (Outreach Coordinator) is to provide capacity-building training and technical assistance to youth-serving community- and faith-based organizations with special outreach to organizations located in rural Thurston County.  In addition, the Program Manager (Outreach Coordinator) will play a key role in establishing the CAPACITY Project technical assistance resource library.

New 12-06-07 Help 4 Hard Times is collecting supplies, equipment and volunteers to help Local Flood Victims  Disaster has never hit so close to home. Flooding has taken 1,000's of homes and the people here have lost everything. These flood victims need your help. Anna Brown and the team of Help 4 Hard Times are in the Grand Mound area and are mobilizing assistance to the victims. This holiday please give generously to the people who need help. Here is a list of immediate needs:

Cash Donations...to any West Coast Bank deposited to Help 4 Hard Times "Emergency Relief Fund" Shop Vacs
Clothing Gift Cards Tarps
Grocery Gift Cards  Blankets
Hotel Stay Points Converted to Certificates Pillows
Travel Trailers or Motor Homes for temp housing Sleeping Bags
Volunteers to help with clean-up Canned Food
Volunteers to pray with victims and get a list of needs Baby Food
Volunteers to pick-up and deliver items (Need Trucks) Diapers
Volunteers to help with repairs Wipes
Hardware and Building Supply Gift Cards Toys
Cleaning Supplies Camp Stoves & Fuel
Rubber Gloves Flash Lights & Batteries
Rubber Boots  
Garbage Cans  
Heavy Duty Garbage Bags  

We also will need volunteers to help us distribute the items listed.  This will be ongoing for a few months since it will take that long to get people's homes cleaned, repaired and refurnished.  Bless you and hope you can forward this around to those who will help.  To make a donation please contact Anna Brown on her cellular phone (360) 349-5415. 
Anna Brown, Director
Office:  (360) 273-0790 Cellular:  (360) 349-5415
Early Intervention Services Rescuing Homeless Youth
 "Because oppressed people are robbed and needy people groan, I will now arise," says the LORD. "I will provide safety for those who long for it." Psalm 12:5 

Updated 12-03-07 Community Center Computer Lab  The Community Center Library is the home of a new computer lab, which includes six computer stations.    Community residents will be able to use the other five computers for a variety of services/programs.  Computer classes:  A variety of classes will be offered, including financial education, literacy, training for jobs where computers are used, and basic computer shills.  To sign-up for a class or to volunteer to help teach, Call 360-858-0350 or e-mail waliddle@msn.com for more information After-school programs:  Boys & Girls Club, ROOF, and Big Brothers Big Sisters staff will be able to schedule time for computer use in conjunction with their programs.  Community residents are able to use the computers when not being used by others during normal Library hours.

New 11-28-07  Grand Mound Rochester Park Association   The Grand Mound Rochester Park Association "Name Your Park Contest" is accepting entries for naming the park on the playground at the Community Center (old primary school) in Rochester.  Rules for submitting an entry are: no age limit; not necessary for you to be a resident of Rochester; only one entry per person; in case of duplicate names the earlier entry will win.  Contest ends April 10th 2008.  Winner of the $100.00 prize will be announced on Swede Day.  Please click here to view the poster and entry form.

New 11-16-07  Thurston County Solid Waste   Looking for a great gift idea that can help the environment and save the recipient some money each year?  How about a compost bin?  Let Thurston County Solid Waste help you out!

Organic materials, such as food waste and yard trimmings, make up a large percentage of typical household garbage, though they are very recyclable.  By diverting these materials to the compost bin, you can reduce your level of trash service, which can save money.  Also, composting is an alternative to burning woody debris.  Adding the finished compost to your garden provides plant nutrients, increases plants resistance to disease, and improves soil texture.

Thurston County Solid Waste has partnered with the Master Gardener Foundation of Thurston County to provide subsidized compost bins for Thurston County residents.  The Earth Machine compost bin is $35 (an $86 value), the Biostack bin is $55 (a $140 value) and the Green Cone food digesters is $50 (a $160 value).  There is a limit of three bins per household.  Cost for all bins includes tax and delivery.  Composting guides and accessories are also available.  Bins and other items are shipped to anyone living within Thurston County. 

Prices increase on January 1, 2008, so get one for yourself now as well.  For details and ordering information, visit the Foundationís website at:  www.compostbinsthurstoncounty.com,  or call the Foundation at (360) 481-4204.  For additional information e-mail bins@compostbinsthurstoncounty

For those of you trying to "give less stuff" this holiday season, visit the Waste Free Holidays program at www.wastefreeholidays.com  and click on the Thurston County logo.  Over 65 local businesses are participating and offer experience and service gifts at discounts between 15-50 percent.   Give tickets, memberships, or gift certificates for "experiences," like concerts, plays, sporting events, gym memberships, bus passes, restaurants, massages or many other services.

New 09-11-07   The Vision for Rochester in the Year 2020 & Beyond.   A small group of Rochester residents are interested in formulating the plan of what Rochester should look like in the year 2020 & Beyond.  If you are interested in being a part of developing this vision for our community please contact me at: waliddle@msn.com or 360-858-0350 (home) or 360-701-2689 (cell).

New 10-26-06  Rochester Cub Scout Pack 317  View the Rochester Cub Scout Pack 317 by clicking here.

Updated 09-17-06 Library Services Now in Rochester  Timberland Regional Library has brought library services to the Rochester Community Center library in partnership with Rochester School District and Rochester Weed & Seed.  Residents are able to apply for library cards, access the Timberland database, request and check out and return library materials at the Community Center Library.  An after hours book drop is also available.  All these services are available through modern technology - a kiosk has been installed in the library which residents are able to use to access all library services.  Services started in early January, 2006, with hours of operation currently from 5:00 to 7:00 PM on Monday through Friday and 10:00AM to Noon on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday.  Books must be checked in and an adult must be on site when the library is open. 
If you want this service to continue, PLEASE VOLUNTEER!  This library service is totally dependant upon volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering or would like additional information click here

New 06-20-06 Community Support Group for Domestic Violence The SafePlace Community Support Group for DV will begin this Wednesday, June 21, 2006.  It will run from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM every Wednesday.  Clients can be screened and get directions to the group through the crisis line at 360-754-6300.  The location is confidential until the client is screened.  Childcare is free, but space is limited and clients need to make reservations for child care.

Rochester Community Center Facility  There are three areas of the Community Center facility which are available to the public for community use such as meetings, parties, events and other functions. 

The following guidelines have been established for prioritizing of Community Center use.  First priority will be given to permanently housed Center programs.  Second priority will be youth and family activities.  Other uses fall under the third priority.  Four levels of charge have been established for the use of the facility.  The cost to rent one of the areas, for up to 4 hours, ranges from janitorial fees up to $60, depending upon the organization and type of event.   Call the ROOF Community Services Office at 273-6375 for more information.

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