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Overall View

Center Section View

North Section View


This view shows the detail of area at the center section of the park.  The Lawn/Play Area is to be a grassy field where various informal activities can be enjoyed.  It is also an Emergency Helicopter Landing Area.  The emergency services have historically used the playground for this purpose.

To the left of that area, and immediately west of the existing portable, is space for a basketball 1/2-court.  A picnic shelter is shown at the Bend Street side of the Lawn/Play area.  There will walking paths throughout the park area.

At the bottom of this view is a smaller circle designated as "Emergency Turning" area.  This will allow emergency vehicles access to the two larger open areas during the times when emergency use is required.  An irregular shaped area between the Lawn/Play and the Emergency Turning areas is a grassy area over the septic system that will be available for volleyball and other similar activities.

The area designated as "skateboarding area" is not a currently planned feature.  It is only one of many possible future features for that area. 

The shrubbery will be a low-growing easy maintenance type to provide good visibility from all points.  Low mounding will be used to restrict vehicular traffic within the park.

There is parking available along the west side of Bend Street.  These places to park will be convenient to the play and picnic areas shown in this view.